Patient Portal and Scheduling

Revascent's Patient Portal is a secure online platform that allows patients to access their medical records, schedule appointments, communicate with their doctors and even order products.

Patient Portal and Scheduling - Revascent
Overview of benefits

Let patients access their medical records and schedule appointments

Our 24/7 Patient Portal allows patients to access medical records after creating an account and logging into the portal. It allows your patients to remotely schedule new appointments from the date and time slots available, and even order and instantly pay for new products that their doctors recommend.

  • Patient portal access from any device

    Revascent’s patient portals can be accessed from any computer or mobile device with an internet connection.

  • Allow patients to view medical records and schedule appointments

    Our patient portal allows your patients to view their medical records, communicate with their doctors, and schedule appointments.

  • Access records and order products from home

    For those patients who have impaired vision, or have difficulty getting to the doctor's office, our online records allow them an easy route to care, and an online platform to purchase products such as contact lenses.

  • Reduce costs and increase revenue

    Reduce your practice’s administrative costs by eliminating the need for staff to answer patient questions and schedule appointments over the phone.

Order and purchase recommended products online

Order and purchase recommended products online

Revascent’s secure online ordering system allows patients to order new products that their doctors recommend, such as contact lenses, quickly and easily even if they don't know their lens name. The integrated lens finder tool helps patients identify their lens name, and they can specify the number of boxes, shipping address, or pick-up locations. To complete purchases, insurance information is captured as needed, and the patient's credit card is automatically charged. Orders are immediately visible to your office staff, and email patient reminders for expiring prescriptions can be sent to improve retention.

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